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where should I put the backslash unable to understand
anyone please assist me.

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var myStr = "I am a "double quoted" string inside "double quotes"."; // Change this line

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Think about how you define a string in JS: you wrap it in quotation marks.

So in the above, JS is going to read that code as

// start of string
"I am a "
// end of string

// syntax error, string has ended
double quoted
// and if JS could continue:

// start of another string
" string inside "
// end of string

// syntax error
double quotes

// start of string
// end of string

JS can’t tell that the double quote marks inside the string are meant to be actual quotation marks rather than start/end of strings unless you tell it that by escaping them.

At the minute, to the the JS parser, it looks like there are three strings with some gibberish inbetween.

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var myString = " every double quote after the \"FIRST QUOTE\" will need a \\ to escape it except the \"LAST QUOTE\" ";


copy the above code to the developer console to see the charterers ESCAPED

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Thanks guys finally got it