Escaping string laterals in javascript

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can someone tell me what is wrong with this code

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var myStr = "I am a \"double quoted\" string inside\"double quotes\"";

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Challenge: Escaping Literal Quotes in Strings

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I think you forgot the period at the end.

var myStr = "I am a \"double quoted\" string inside \"double quotes\"."; // Change this line

^That code just passed for me. Check for differences.

Tried it in my console and it works. I think your code is right but the tests have been constructed in such a way that your code doesn’t pass. So, the code is right, the test is problematic. In my humble opinion.

@mientje The OP’s current code has two problems:

  1. A missing period that is in the original string.
  2. A missing space that is in the original string.

Hello there,

You need to watch for small typos:


Have a look at what is shown in the console, for more of a hint.

Hope this helps