EsLint breaks my code

My code works fine until I run EsLint,
eslint --ext .jsx --ext .js ./ --fix
And I get the following message, does anyone know what could be going on?

not enough info
make sure your JavaScript doesn’t have syntax errors, and thatis set to deal with with js correctly

That’s all I can show, it’s a pretty weird error. Eslint never broke my code before.
I don’t know what is happend or how to deal with this.

make sure that you wrote syntactically correct code, I am not convinced by the backtick you have at the end of line 20, that’s not valid in any JavaScript I know of

It’s emotion.js, CSS-in-JS. Like Styled components.

did you set ESLint to accept it?

You might need to use their official plugin to get ESLint to play nice.

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