Event.target.number is receiving Nan

I’m using React with multiple components on my local environment. I have a problem with my event handler. When I pass in an event.target, one of the element is receiving “Nan”. When it is passed from the component however, that element IS a Number.

For example:
number: 25 in session interval component (confirmed in console)

However in the event handler (onIncrement), this is what I receive from the console:
event.target= {currentInt: 26, minute: NaN, increment: ƒ, decrement: ƒ}

Please note that name and value are working fine. Notice I convert value to a Number because it is passed into the event.target as an integer.

My question is, how do I get event.target.number to pass 25 to the event handler?

My Session Interval Component that prompts my event handler:

const SessionInterval=(props)=>{
    console.log(props) //receiving props with all the correct values 
    return (
                minute={props.minute} //at this point, minute has a value

My Event Handler:

onIncrement =(event)=>{

    console.log(event.target) //showing all elements in target but number: "NaN"
    console.log(event.target.number) //undefined - see previous comment
    let {name,value, minute} =event.target;

    value=Number(value); //event.target.value changes type to "string", need to convert it back to number 

    if (value<60){


        return ({

          ...prevState, [name]:value+1, timerMinute: minute+1



I think we would have to see more of the code, either a Github repo or a live version on something like CodeSandbox.

You shouldn’t get NaN unless you are trying to convert, or do a math operation, on something that isn’t valid (or an invalid math operation like divide by zero). I would look at the value and the code touching the value.