Every possible combination

With a little help, i made a program that can find every possible way to spell your input string -->
–> https://repl.it/@John_Nicole/Every-Possible-Combination

Just press fork at the top & input your string on line 40.

I will be integrating this into my calculator, so that is why there is no HTML yet.

Technically, your program attempts to create permutations and not combinations. With combinations, order of the characters does not matter. With permutations, the order matters (i.e. john is different than nhoj.

Did you try to test your function with names/words with duplicate letters like “Dana”? Try it out and see what happens.

Well it doesn’t work with duplicate characters, this is to prevent duplicate outcomes. I could try and fix this.

Cool Concept awesome work. Keep going, Good idea.

Update: this is kinda now a challenge :sunglasses: