Everything Be True - stuck :(

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Hello everyone,
I’m stuck at this exercise, i have the code below and I dont understand why it does not validate everywhere.

Actually i dont understand some of the requirements like this one:

truthCheck([{“single”: “”}, {“single”: “double”}], “single”) should return false - WHY? ‘single’ exists in every element of the collection …

Thank you in advance for your input.

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  // Is everyone being true?
  var bool = false
  Object.keys(collection).forEach(function(key) {
      if (collection[key].hasOwnProperty(pre)) {
        bool += true
      } else {
        bool += false
  if (bool < collection.length) {
      return false
  } else {
      return true
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You are not trying to validate the property exists in each object, you are trying to validate the value of the property is “truthy” (evaluates to true). In the following object in the array:

{"single": ""}

The value of “single” is a blank string which is a “Falsy” value. I would recommend reviewing the Falsy Bouncer Challenge to better understand what you need to do for this current challenge.

Thank you so much, yes I eventually figured it out.

Much appreciated!