Everything Be True

I dont understand why when the number is NaN the result of my code isnt returning false?

link to challenge:

function truthCheck(collection, pre) {
  let newArr = []

for (let i = 0; i<collection.length; i++){


for (let x=0; x<newArr.length; x++){
  if (newArr[x] == false || newArr[x] == undefined || newArr[x] == NaN){
    return false;
  } if (Array.isArray(newArr[0]) == true){
    return true;
}return true;


truthCheck ([{name: "Quincy", username: "QuincyLarson"}, {name: "Naomi", username: "nhcarrigan"}, {name: "Camperbot"}], "username") ;

This will never be true.

I would use the concept of truthiness instead of looking for specific values that you know are falsy.

Side note - you should use === instead of ==

I forgot about changing the things i was going to compare to boolean.

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