Exact change (Advance algorithm scripting )

Can anyone explain more clearly this one plz.
its quite hard to understand for me…
i am not able to understand what to do with inputs.

help will be appreciated .

Can you give the correct money to someone buying from you if you are the shopkeeper?

yes …
but plz explain parameters

Not being american this one bothered me too, it defines how much in total value for each type there is. But not how much each type is. Hopefully this will be helpful to you.

currenyMap = {
        'ONE HUNDRED':  100.00,
        'TWENTY':  20.00,
        'TEN':  10.00,
        'FIVE':  5.00,
        'ONE':  1.00,
        'QUARTER':  0.25,
        'DIME':  0.10,
        'NICKEL':  0.05,
        'PENNY':  0.01

So you check if you can give the exact change with the coins in the register, but the amount you give of each coin must be a multiple of these values as they would be when dealing with physical coins.

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thanks @Logiar
finally i have completed this challenge after lot of help…

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