Example and solution don't seem to match?

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I don’t understand why ‘top drawer’ is in the brackets in the example, rather than ‘folder 2’ to get the result ‘secrets’.
The format in the challenge appears almost the same: ‘glovebox’ and ‘passenger seat’ would appear to correspond to ‘folder1’ and ‘folder2’, but in the challenge solution ‘glovebox’ is supposed to appear in brackets. This doesn’t make any sense. Either ‘folder2’ should appear in brackets in the example or else ‘inside’ should appear in brackets in the challenge answer. What distinguishes these two situations? What am I missing?

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// Setup
var myStorage = {
"car": {
  "inside": {
    "glove box": "maps",
    "passenger seat": "crumbs"
  "outside": {
    "trunk": "jack"

var gloveBoxContents = myStorage.car["inside"].glovebox; // Change this line

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Challenge: Accessing Nested Objects

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ourStorage.cabinet["top drawer"].folder2;

Bracket notation needs to be used if you are using a variable to access a property or the property name has spaces in it. Thus you have to use bracket notation to access top drawer. You can also use bracket notation forfolder2:

ourStorage.cabinet["top drawer"]["folder2"];

But since there are no spaces you can just use dot notation.

Wow, so simple. Thank you!