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Hi, I have been working on this project for a while know and have been comparing my results the functionally similar project given and i get the same results, but when I submit my review project I still don’t pass the test case. So im not sure where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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logData = d.userInfo[0].log;
    const log = {
      _id: d.userId,
      username: d.userInfo[0].username,
      count: parseInt(logData.length),


      date = new Date(d.from);
      logData = logData.filter(exer => (new Date(exer.date)).getTime() >= date.getTime());

      d.from = d.from.split("-");
      d.fromDate = new Date(d.from[0], (parseInt(d.from[1])-1).toString(), d.from[2]);
      d.from = (d.fromDate.toString()).split(" ");
      d.fromDate = `${d.from[0]} ${d.from[1]} ${d.from[2]} ${d.from[3]}`;
      log["from"] = d.fromDate;

      d.to = d.to.split("-");
      d.toDate = new Date(d.to[0], (parseInt(d.to[1])-1).toString(), d.to[2]);
      d.to = (d.toDate.toString()).split(" ");
      d.toDate = `${d.to[0]} ${d.to[1]} ${d.to[2]} ${d.to[3]}`;

      for(var i=(logData.length - 1); i > -1; i--){
        if(logData[i].date == d.toDate) break;
      log["to"] = d.toDate;
    // logData = logData.reverse();
      logData = logData.slice(0, d.limit);

    log.count =  parseInt(logData.length);
    log["log"] = logData;


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