Exercise Tracker Project

I’m finally finished with Exercise Tracker Project. I want to make sure everything is correct before submitting this project. Any suggestions, tips, advice or any slight code error please respond with your comment.

glitch: https://fcc-exer-tracker.glitch.me
github: https://github.com/ozubergz/exercise-tracker

Seems to be working alright.

My only advice would be to consider that you’re providing a service. For example, imagine that a front-end developer wants to use your service. Certainly, they could look at your project page and figure out how to make html forms that allow users to post information to your server and request data from it, but have some fun with this. Imagine you’re trying to sell your service. What could you do to make your service really attractive to a developer who might like to consume it?

In short, make it more your own. Be creative.

Thanks for advice. I’ll keep that in mind.