Expected null to not equal null AssertionError: expected null to not equal null

Hey Community,

I’ve been stuck on this for hours. After running tests on the code through codepen.io, I got this error message on two items. They are in the screenshot attached.

ERROR: expected null to not equal null AssertionError: expected null to not equal null

Not sure what is causing this error. I’ve Googled it like crazy and haven’t a good explanation on how to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


 <script src="https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/v1/bundle.js"></script>

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <!--Main is meant to cover the content of the first page-->
  <div id="main">
 <!--Website Title --> 
    <div id="title"><br>
      <h1>A Tribute To Travis</h1>
    <!--Photo with a captions--> 
    <div id="img-div">
      <img id="image" src="https://www.visithalfmoonbay.org/sites/default/files/styles/large_/public/2017-07/HMB%20Surfers3Sm.jpg" alt="The Sunset Over Half Moon Bay">
      <div id="img-caption">
        <p>Travis loved going to Half Moon Bay. It was a place where he would ride his bike and take in the views of the ocean. 
<!--Tribute Info should describe the subject of the tribute page --> 
    <div id="Tribute Info">
      <h2>Why We Created This Website?</h2>
      <p>This page is dedicated to perserving the legacy of Travis Mathew Lopez. It includes a link to a GoFundMe page to contibute to an ongoing scholarship Travis was fighting to start called the "World Changers Scholarship". The site also contains helpful resources for maintaining and improving mental health, and a place to get in contact for questions or comments. <br><br>
        <b>The World Changer's Scholarship</b>
The Scholarship is for students in college who embody the values, virtues and ambition that Travis showed during his time at SJSU. This includes confidence, charasma, leadership, mentorship, a world perspective, and the desire to do social good. This student should be running a business of their own that has a social mission. The funds would go toward growing their business and will include advisors that will provide guidance and support to grow the business.</p>

  <a id="Tribute Link" href="https://www.gofundme.com/f/scholarship-in-memory-of-travis-lopez" target="_blank">Link to GoFundMe</a>              
 <!--Main div ending -->


you need to use the required ids, you are never writing id="tribute-info" (Tribute Info is not the same thing as tribute-info)

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Thank you ieahleen! I appreciate you giving my code a second look. After looking at the id’s I can’t believe that I didn’t see the error. Maybe, it was late or I just was in front of the computer for too long. In the future I will use the 3 back tics before and after pasting my code. I noticed that only a portion of it showed up in the forum post.


so how to i solve this error???
(i am using double quotes and adding required makes no sense and does not solve it!