Explanation for "export default" in javascript(ES6)

Challenge: Create an Export Fallback with export default

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I’m unable to understand how export default differ from export.
Need somebody to guide me for export default…

The main difference is you can only have one export default per file, but multiple named exports.

I write “export default” all the time in React, since usually each file is a single function that needs to be exported.

Here you go, this will help:

Is it like the like that, If we exported a function with export default from a module, then we can’t export any other function, class, variable from that… Is it like that…
The link you provided from Mozilla Docs only have examples… which has multiple exports and only one export default in case of export default keyword

Consider following script

export myVariable = 4;
export default function(){return 3;};
export secondVariable = 5;
  1. Can I import variable with export statement?
  2. how to import export default function?
  1. If you use export default that’s the only export you can do in the file.

  2. to import it, it would be like this:


export default FormPart1; //this is in the FormPart1.js file

Another file that you want to export the other function from:

import FormPart1 from './FormPart1'; //this would be if they are in the same folder

//now you can use the FormPart1, a function you made in FormPart1.js, in a different file

As far as importing a variable, I don’t know about that case.

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