Extract data from POS Terminal

Hello guys, I have quite an unusual question for you. Is there a way to extract my own credit card number from POS Terminal when I pay in my shop?

Our family ownes a small shop where we sell different types of goods. I am quite new to the programming and therefore I have no idea if it would be possible but I would like to try to extract my own card info from POS Terminal in our shop. I read that POS Terminal are coded in language POSXML and applications are made in C or C++. So far I know bit of Python, JavaScript and CSS and HTML so I would need to learn a new language to even try to do something like this.

I would like to ask if you do think that it would be even possible through direct connection and what language should I learn to try something like that?

Thank you for your answers

Yes, it has to expose the full number otherwise a customer couldn’t do things like chargebacks & if you’re the owner & have a legitimate business interest you’d need to be able to see the card number as well. Question is why would you need programming here: putting aside questions of “legitimate interest”, if you own the machine, why not just get it to print out the card number on the receipt? And if it’s impossible to do that, as in the machine prevents it, then that suggests you’re trying to do something you won’t be allowed to do in the terms of the contract with the POS company (and I’d strongly suspect there will be small print stipulations to not mess with it in a coding way)


I researched this topic and found out that I need RAM Scraper to extract my full card number from POS Terminal. Unfortunately, it is not possible to print or export card number in any other way. The only time when a card number is not encrypted is when it is processed in RAM of terminal. I found some code in Python online on GitHub but I have no idea what it does.

Do you have any idea how could I learn myself to build my own basic RAM Scraper ? Or have any of you done something like this?

PS: I have no intention to use this kind of software for criminal activities or something like that. I do not want to get myself in trouble and also anyone else.

No, and I can’t give you any pointers here. If you can’t print the card number, then that means that the card number is encrypted, to be handled by a third party that sits between the customer and the bank. yes the terminal will be able to “see” the number, and then take it and transmit it to that third party. But why do you need access to it? If it’s your card number, then the easiest way to get your card number is to look at your card and read the number with your eyes. If you access the terminal to get at what is stored in it at the very least you’ll be breaking a contractual agreement with the POS provider, at most it’ll be illegal.

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