EXTREME BASICS of web dev: FONTS - chrome://settings/fonts

seems that

min font = sets max videos showed,

take for example a twitch video page

  1. what does standard font ‘Font size’ do tho??

standard font = sets max size of all fonts ???

  1. does the type/form of font set override the type of font used on sites ???

  2. how frequent (what %) are ‘Fixed-width font’ cross sites ???

  3. where in this entire web are good links to helpful answers to extremely basic questions ???

does anyone know?

every browser implements a user agent stylesheet with the current agreed upon root font size of 16px. however, each website / web application will implement their own stylesheet, or author stylesheet, which will overwrite styles of the user agent. there are further features of a browser that can complicate this relationship

what you want to gain an understanding into is the cascade, the algorithm that gives CSS its magic. to understand the basics i suggest highly to go to the source: https://www.w3.org/TR/CSS/#css or https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US.

everything you want/need to know is there.

  1. The standard font size sets the base “normal” font size, which most browsers default to 16px. People with limited vision, or who just prefer bigger fonts, can set it bigger, but a lot of websites nowadays do override the size specifically, so this setting doesn’t always work.

  2. If a site doesn’t otherwise specify a font, the default font is used. It’s not so much overriding anything as it is giving a default.

  3. Fixed-width is very common. For example, this is fixed width. Again, this just sets the default fixed-width font, and if a site specifies another font, that font will be used instead.

  4. There’s always google – hey you asked about the entire web :slight_smile: But seriously, figuring out how to phrase a question to search google with can be the challenging part, and it mostly comes from experience. I tend to find a lot of answers on StackOverflow (mostly via Google). And don’t discount FCC - this place is way above average when it comes to getting questions answered, especially on basic topics. If you want technically detailed answers to web development, MDN is a great resource: https://developer.mozilla.org