Factorialize a Number! wondering if it works

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my code is working on the console.log, but with the tutorial it is not. is it a problem with my algorithm? i wanted to use recursion becuase i am taking algorithm class in school right now, do i have to use a for loop ?

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var i=1;
function factorialize(num) {
if (num>1){
i = i*num
return i;


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You’re using a global variable, that won’t work because it will update each test (first one will be correct, then i will start as the result of that and so on). It’s fine to use recursion, but that would not be how you do it.

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got it, thank you! recursion is still confusing for me and i shouldn’t use it in these tutorials.
weird enough, when i copy and paste the code on my editor and run it, it actually works with any number i try.