Failed to solve: Check For The Presence of an Element With indexOf()

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Getting stuck with this code i tried to make it work but, it just doesn’t. Also i failed to understand what i need to add excatly here.
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function quickCheck(arr, elem) {
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// Only change code above this line

console.log(quickCheck(['squash', 'onions', 'shallots'], 'mushrooms'));

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Challenge: Check For The Presence of an Element With indexOf()

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You should use the Array prototype method indexOf (as the instructions suggest), not includes.

indexOf takes a single argument, the value to search for in the array.

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Hello @KittyKora,

The challenge asks you to create a function that checks if a certain element exist inside an array using .indexOf();. The .indexOf(); will an array what position an element is, here’s an example:

let arr = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
let check = arr.indexOf(4);
console.log(check)//this will return 3
let check2 = arr.indexOf(6);
console.log(check2)//this will return -1 because it doesn't exist

So from this, you can create a function that checks if an element exist in an array, if not return false, if it does return true.

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You have a typo there, should be arr.indexOf(includes("")) but you are also passing an elem parameter. You need to return that value as well. Maybe what you need is something like arr.indexOf(includes(elem)) ?

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