Failing if statement; Bash

Upon the following Bash Challenge,

You used the double square brackets with your if statement in the last program, but you can use the double parenthesis with these operators as well. In your script, create an if statement that uses double parenthesis for the condition. Check if the number variable is less than or equal to 15. If it is, use your two variables to print The next number is, B:<number> .

The following error is being raised :

  • Your script should have the suggested "if" statement added correctly

I copied and pasted the hints and the test still fails, everything up to this point has passed. Resetting the challenge doesn’t help fix the issue.


# Bingo Number Generator

echo -e "\n~~ Bingo Number Generator ~~\n"

NUMBER=$(( RANDOM % 75 + 1 ))
TEXT="The next number is, "

echo $NUMBER

if (( NUMBER <= 15 ))
  echo $TEXT B:$NUMBER