Failing in the chellenges

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I think my problem is working with strings, but I cant figure it out:( can you give some advice on it please… I also failed the same way on the previous two chaellenges… (arifmetic arranger and time calculator)

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Challenge: Budget App

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The “Your code so far” section is empty for me. Did you not properly include stuff or is there a problem on my side?


Ok now code is there - I’m writing again so you get the notification.

Both errors are actually quite straightforward, look at the Assertion part.
First one: None !=... meaning you are either not returning anything at all or created a None-object and returned that. In your case, the create_spend_chart function is literally empty. I think you named the function different, which ofcourse fails the test because it’s called a specific function and you cannot change the name.

Second '<budget.Category object at 0x7f91e29636d0>' != is the memory-adress of the object and the default output when printing something. To change it, you use the double-under (dunder) method __str__ or __repr__ just like the __init__ method, it’s changing the behavior. Also known as magic-methods, there are a bunch of them, so you better look up how to use them.

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Thank you very much :blush:, i got it

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