Falsies not Falsey

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Why Are Falsey not false?

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function bouncer(arr) {
  for(let each in arr){
    console.log(arr[each], arr[each] == false)

bouncer([false, null, 0, NaN, undefined, ""]);


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some falsy values have unusual behaviours, so you can’t just compare them like that. But if left on their own they evaluate to false when evaluated to a boolean. Try with the NOT operator !, you will see!

!null     // true
!!null    // false
!""       // true
!!""      // false

The value they evalute to with the double NOT !! is the value they evaluate to if evalaute as a boolean, for example in a if statement condition (if (value) {} - here falsy values will make the statement not execute)

Thanks, that is strange. Is it best practice to use the double not for true/false boolean comparisons?

I don’t know how I’ve never run into this before.

You can just use the value as it is (this is what the challenge wanted to show) - or you can use the double not, which I was using to show how the values evaluate

Example with truthy values:

!1    // false
!!1    // true
!'String'   // false
!!'String'   // true
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ooooh “use the value as it is”. Duh, I knew that. Sometimes I get tunnel vision.

Here is a bit more info

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