Fancy a project to help with?

Some time ago I created a website that held all my exam notes. This was my exam time project (to pass the time while I was resting from revising) and unfortunately I stopped developing it after the exams.

I recently went back to the statistics on the site and found that It gets visited a lot more than I was expecting. There’s currently very little stuff on the site, so considering there’s visitors now i’m impressed.

For this reason I’m looking for someone who would like to help. If you don’t know how to program then this is perfect for you. Web development is pretty easy to get into and I can help you with that.

Hopefully with more than one person developing for the site it might stop me from giving up again.

I’ve not used github much so i’m trying my best, heres the link:

If you’d like to know more about the site or me, just ask!