Hi! I am really very confused with this exercise. I can’t get through. I can’t get my output to be as required. Can you help me please?
My colab is: Google Colab

To get to this point I followed these steps:

I tried many ways to flip the final list to match the one in the test but I always get a different error. Please help me!!

Keep reading that thread. There’s a bug in the test in the notebook.

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Thanks for answering! I saw that but is there a way to approve the exercise? It is part of the Machine Learning with Python course. Otherwise, I will not obtain the certificate. Maybe they know about the bug and if I send it like this, approve anyway.

You could open an issue on github about it I suppose (if there isn’t one), but the bug has been around for some time. These projects aren’t “approved” or checked by anyone by default; you just affirm that you have completed the project (yourself, not plagiarizing) and that it works correctly and submit a link to your code. Since the test has a list that’s missing an item and has it’s order reversed, it’s fairly straightforward to fix it in your notebook so that your code legitimately passes.

Thanks Jeremy! Surely do that to be able to advance with the other exercises. See you on the forums!

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