FCC build a personal portfolio page


I’ve finally made the last project for responsive web design and before moving on it would be great to see some feedback. I’ll be happy for any ideas and comments. Thanks!

nice use of height for each section.
when the mouse hovers over a project is screws with all the other divs around it. maybe center a smaller div inside a larger div so that when the size grows on hover it doesnt shoft the other stuff around. or just have the border glow on hover for a more simple solution. you can use transition to make the size change more smoothly.


Thank you for taking time for my project!
Yeah, it’s definitely what I need to work on, so for now I’ve changed this part to the simplest solution, but now it has a nice transition. :slight_smile:

Nice job @Monka,

Home page is really beautiful, the ‘Go to my projects_’ button looks attractive and nice color combination of a home page and button.

I think the ‘About’ link on the navbar is not working or may be you have not added the ‘About’ section.

Good project :slight_smile: Best luck :+1:

How did you do the parallax effect,between nice design

@gauravkukade, thank you for looking here and for all kind words! :slight_smile: That’s right, about section is something I didn’t add yet. :slight_smile:

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Hi @topcoder, thanks for comment! :slight_smile: I just made the position of title section fixed and also its height is the same as the margin-top of next section, which position is relative.

Do you know about fontawesome? https://fontawesome.com/start
You can use some icons on your social media section to get a better look