FCC D3 SCATTER PLOT test 6 and 8

Hi! Campers!
I’m mostly done with my 2nd data visualization project, Scatter Plot.
It’s been pretty interesting to do this challenge.

However, I’ve been stuck with test 6 and 8.
It looks working fine and doesn’t look I’ve missed any dots on charts.
I can imagine I’ve done something stupid again this time.
If somebody realize what i’ve done wrong could you explain to me?
Thank you in advance!

This is my codepen link!

Hi! And Anyone who would love to help me could you look up heat map project my code too? I 'm worried that I’m demanding too much though, I wish you could understand my situation.


this is my HEAT MAP project code pen link and I couldn’t pass the final test. I searched for same problems here but I couldn’t find another camper asking this . So I wanted to give it a go. Thank you in advance for future help. !!