fCC discord... account disabled

I’m not sure what happened. I tried to join the fCC discord and I signed up, verified i wasn’t a robot, verified my email and now as soon as i tried to login i get a very vague and ambiguous email stating my account was disabled.

Honestly, I don’t see how I could have possibly violated any terms of service by just following a couple of prompts and following directions.

I am assuming that i’m not the only one this is happening to so I am hoping to get some feedback as to what I can do to be apart of the community that has helped me a lot!

did you get any bot “message” as well in discord from fcc? where its asking to fill up a google form? then i would say that would be best way to get started to resolve this issue…

good luck and happy coding :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. No, I didn’t get anything because I couldn’t log in. I’m working with discord support (they aren’t in any hurry to resolve it hah!) so hopefully soon I will atleast know why…

It’s kinda strange because like I said, I literally created and account and got banned! i didn’t even get to log in once!? I figured it was something pretty common and might happen to other campers however, it seems like this might be an isolated issue.

Hi there. What exactly did you get an in the email? Additionally could you elaborate on a couple of things like the steps you took in joining the Discord? You said you signed up, does this mean you created a fresh account to join? Do you still need to verify your account?