FCC helped me to decide to get university degree


I have written this post, because I would like to share what I owe to the FCC community and ask for your project feedback.

A year ago, I was struggling to decide what I wanted to do in my life. I knew that I like computer science and I was interested in programming, but had no idea where to start. My friend told me to begin with learning about creating websites with the FCC. He told me that I will try there many flavors of working with software. Indeed, he was right. Graphic design, writing code, creating a database. It opened my eyes as well as made me wanting more, so I decided to take a chance and lead my future in this direction.

In 2017 I enrolled at IT studies in Wroclaw. It’s hard, but it also gives me a lot of satisfaction and knowledge. Thanks to FCC’s support and my stubbornness I was able to keep up with my studies. The FCC community has infected me with a passion for expressing myself and solving problems through internet applications. This urge sets a clear goal for my self-development.

As the time at university passed. In 1,5 year later I came to the stage of writing my master’s thesis and of course, it is about the web applications :smile:
In it I want to explore the methods of usability testing in responsive apps. Currently I am designing a solution to serve me as an object for usability tests. This will be app for couples in a relationship, which creates your own private channel of life organization, communication and feelings expression. However, in the first place I want to gather opinions on it’s proposed functionalities and interest in this concept.

And here, I would like to ask for help, because I have prepared survey to know what people think about my idea, but I miss the most important component - people who will share their thoughts.
By completing the survey about the concept, you will really help me in project implementation. And you are also affecting the shape of the final solution :wink:

To take part click survey link

Lastly, I thank everyone who devoted time to read it and everyone who helped!
I appreciate the support of the FCC community and I’m happy to be here.


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