FCC Personal Portfolio project help


I have some questions in mind while working on the portfolio project, and questions to website development in general.

Here’s the link to my portfolio for reference (Work in progress): https://codepen.io/ericlew/pen/dEgRPG?editors=1100

I have set my page to 1000px max for large sized screens, so the content should just center for large screens (with empty space on the sides). What is the maximum size that pages should normally be set at?

I want to know the best practice or recommended size for 1 column pages for large screens because I am considering to make it bigger for bigger screens. Is it worth making pages (1300px for example) for screens that are 1200px wide?

Which comes to another question, I code on a laptop, how do I test for larger screen sizes bigger than my laptop?

Thanks in advance.

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How do tou know you set your page to 1000px for large size screen?
The way to specify that is to use media queries, what it is not the case.

But if you want a block to fit in every screen you may use the metric vw : for instance let make your container fit in every screen =>
.container { Width: 100vw }

I don’t know. But that’s the size I thought would be a decent size for most desktops.

I guess I am just over thinking things. I forgot about the 100vw so I could just change if there is a need.

My mind is not working properly. I need a break from coding. :sweat_smile:

The unwritten rule of web dev is to never, ever use hard coded values for sizing objects. When you assign something to 1000px, it might look awesome on your monitor that runs in 1080p. But it will appear quite small on a 4k monitor and possibly it will appear huge on a mobile device. Just something to keep in mind :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.

There are so many screen sizes to think about that knowing which screen size to design for is what makes it difficult.

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