FCC Project: Tribute Page help


Im not sure what ive done wrong. #Content 7 & #Layout 1 are failing. Any feedback would be good.

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Hey. Great song :D.
And about your errors:
First error: you have tribute-info id in your link (a) to wiki site. Probably there should be tribute-link id.
And the second one is about your image. It should be responsive so it will change with the size of its parent element. Image is not a block element by default (I know, it’s strange) so you should change it by writing: display: block; in your #image.

And there is in error in max-width atribute:

max=width: 100%;

Do you see? This equal sign.

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Thanks so much. I was beginning to get frustrated.

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No problem. I am also beginner, so I’m struggling with my code too. In upper-left corner of css, html and javascript tag you have a small dropdown button. After click, you can choose to analyze your code. Or also you can validate your HTML here: The W3C Markup Validation Service (someone showed me this site today). It’s helpful :slight_smile:

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