FCC Survey Form: Library Feedback Form

My survey form for collage library feedback form.
Tried use as much things I’ve learned as possible.
The problem with image is that imgur changes link id every day

I want to make it responsive and mobile friendly
Please Provide Feedback :slight_smile:
Project link: https://codepen.io/rohan-kavade/full/pGwwyY

Looks pretty good! I would

fix broken images on your header.
make font sizes bigger.
Enable checking off checkboxes by clicking on corresponding texts.
make textarea width as big as the submit button.
change mouse cursor when mouse hovers on submit button.

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  1. imgur blocks Codepen as far as i know, so you need to use a different image host.

  2. Give your inputs some padding to make them a little bigger.

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Thank you Shim I’ve made necessary changes and hosted image on imgbb

Thanks a lot did the changes there is still alot of work can be done :slight_smile: