FCC validation issue

Hi fellows,
I working on the Calculator project for the second time and I really struggling with FCC validation package!!
here is My Code

Click the top left green burger button and run tests for javascript calculator, the result will be 11/16 !! then try to perform the same operation in the test and you will get the same results as the test!! that’s weird

Another thing: test case 13 has something wrong! how can I perform 5* -5 and at the same time if the user clicked an operator and the very last clicked button is an operator, the new one should replace the old one !!

any help appreciated

When I try to write 1.5 in your calculator I get 10.5, as soon as I press the dot the number is multiplied by 10 - many of tests do not pass because of this

The 5* -5 one, means you are not allowing to multiply or divide with negative numbers.
In fact the test say:

  1. If 2 or more operators are entered consecutively, the operation performed should be the last operator entered (excluding the negative (-) sign.

It means you need to allow to make the next inputted number a negative number

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Thanks for your response

as for the first point, here is a screen shot of decimal numbers from the same code!! What can be wrong now?


as for the second point, it wasn’t mentioned in the user stories in the first place but I will figure it out.

I don’t see the images you post