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Hey folks,

I started my coding journey here in 2020 during the pandemic. I completed the JavaScript and old Responsive Web Design certs. Then I got stuck and felt like I wasn’t making progress. I had an opportunity to enroll in a CS degree program and I’m working my way through it with 4 semesters remaining (2 years). It’s been very beneficial and I’ve learned a lot of the foundational concepts although determining algorithm efficiency is still difficult.

Anyways this coming semester I won’t have any coding courses and so I’m going to work on completing the Front End Libraries cert and maybe Data Analysis with Python.

All that being said, I’m trying to figure out what to do to make myself most marketable upon graduation. I’ve been in the workforce for several years now and I feel like building up a portfolio of projects would be attractive to a potential employer. My classes, despite giving me a great foundation, haven’t really given me much portfolio worthy material and so that is why I’m coming back here to work on projects.

I think my soft skills will set me apart from other new grads, but I’d love any input on whether my thought process is in the right direction and if there is anything I’m missing that could help to set me apart from the competition.

that sounds perfectly logical. Definitely try to create a portfolio of projects, perhaps one of them could be your final year project as well.

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Thanks that’s a good idea about the final year project :slight_smile:

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