Feedback: Build a Tribute Page

Hello every one!

I made my fisrt project on the FreeCodeCamp and i really liked your feedback on it!

Here is the lik to it:

Please be honest and thank you all!

hi @julio-pinheiroo

good job.
i just want to say, img element is a self-closing tag. no need to closed it with </img> tag

more about self-closing tag list

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Hello Julio. It looks pretty good on the screen of my cell phone, I imagine it on desktop PC too. Nice job!

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Looks fine to me. The html looks good aside from what was mentioned above about img. Another recommendation is that the html field is the body . The head is under setting>html. That’s where you should put that information.

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OMG. What a noob mistake. :sweat_smile:

I have already corrected it! Thank you!

I am very thankful that you enjoy it!

I have tried to make de page looking good on both screens.

Try to se it on a pc later! :smiley:

Oh… I see…

I think that a I put the <link> on the wrong place, wasn’t it?

I think that i put it on the right place now!

Thank you!

I still see this at the top of the body section:
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

That entire typing area is the body of the html. Your link and meta (if you had any) go in the head. Click on settings at the top and you’ll see options for HTML, CSS, and JS. Under HTML there’s a block that says “stuff for head”. Put for font links there.

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I didn’t know that a could access this settings…
And now I am sure that I placed de <link> on the right place!

And I also red the " The Pen Preview Document" to try to understand better how the CodePen works.
Thank you again for the tip! :facepunch:

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