Feedback for a logo

Hello, Fellow Campers,

I have designed a logo for my custom WP theme.
I have two options.
I have created this logo in Inkscape.
Fonts used -
i) Major Mono Display
ii) Teko

Here is the SVG File

Please review it and give feedback.

Hm… Try to use only text without bg. And one more thing, how your logo will look on a browser on a smartphone? Did you think about it?)

I have made changes in this logo.

This is the updated link
Here is the SVG file


I really love your logo concept and idea.

But in my own opinion, we can improve the typography a lot further.

Since I have some little knowledge about the logo design process, I decided to do a re-design.

You can download it here.

Feel free to do whatever you want with my re-design.

Hope you guys like it.

I am using Montserrat font from Google Fonts.

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Hey @hisamafahri!
I like the logo you designed. Can i use your logo?

In which you made it?

Glad you like it.

Yes, of course, you can use it.

You can do whatever you want with it, for free.

I’ve created it in Adobe Illustrator.

And if you want to edit it in Inkscape, you can open the .svg file I’ve included.

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Hey @hisamafahri!
I used your base to create some of the options.

There are the options SVG file

here is the link

@codely Nice!

Keep it up!

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Which option to take?

All of them are great.

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Very beautiful creation. But do check the responsiveness of each on different devices.

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I think there isnt enough distinction between the title and subtitle text. They use similar size and font. Also where “Under Power” is out to two lines, there is wide space between the lines, yet the subtitle is put very close, which makes it looks like “Under” and “Power” are separate, while “make it easy” is conjoined with “Power”. On the wider examples, the subtitles runs too far, outside the logo body, if i can put it that way. Id assume, if you consider the “make it easy” text as subtitle, it shouldnt look like it has additional width of its own in the logo, or it looks like additional title.

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