Feedback for my Local Weather challenge

Hello People! Here is the end product of two days of continuous back-and-forth and tortuous coding :slight_smile: (I am fairly new to this!). However, I have learned a lot. I am starting to understand things like error-catching on console, or browsers preference for https instead of http for API request.

Any feedback on this challenge will be greatly appreciated and may help in my future challenges.


I cannot open your pen in full screen because codepen says you need to verify your email address first. From what I can see on the embedded version it looks pretty cool. No data displays however.

Thanks bepson, I’ll check that now! I’m pretty new to FCC and still to get a good grasp of the settings

It should be ok now! Thanks for the feedback.

Looks nice! Really good use of the switch statement there, too. :thumbsup:

Thanks @PortableStick