Feedback for my Tribute Page (hope you like dogs)

Hi everyone ! :slight_smile:

I finished my tribute page last night and am looking for feedback while I start attacking my portfolio :smiley: I tried using bootstrap for some things but I think I’m gonna pass for my next project. I’d rather do it all from scratch that having to comb through the whole documentation of Bootstrap4 when something does not go as plan.

Anyway, here’s my tribute page. Fair warning: I was not really inspired so I took the last article I read and used it. It’s also fairly short but I’m not sure a tribute page should be much longer.

Thank you :smiley:

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Great job! I didn’t consider that pets were a great tribute page subject.

Thank you! I did not know who to choose and after looking at what other people did I decided to work on this project with a less serious approach :smiley:

I might integrate my cat into some projects now haha

Looks great! I was going to dedicate my tribute page to my sister’s shiba-inu, but decided against it. Glad to see someone else do something similar! Great color scheme, btw (:

Thanks! I am really into nice solid colors right now so i spent quite a lot of time trying to arrange a palette that was speaking to me :slight_smile: