Feedback needed for Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Smallest Common Multiple

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i want to know if my solution is proper and accepted for this algorithm or this solution is only passing the tests of this challenge and may fail in another tests for the same problem ?

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function smallestCommons(arr) {
// first step get range between arr two numbers (including arr two numbers )
function getRange(numOne,numTwo){
        let rangeArr=[];
                        for(let i=numOne;i<=numTwo;i++){
                        rangeArr.push(i); }
                      for(let i=numOne;i>=numTwo;i--){
                      rangeArr.push(i);  }
  return rangeArr;
// check for any number is dividable by each number in range with increasing the checked number by multiplication of arr[0]*arr[1]
let arrRange = getRange(arr[0],arr[1]);
let num =0;
let result;
      let isDividable = true;
              for(let i=0;i<arrRange.length;i++){
                     if(num%arrRange[i] !=0){ isDividable = false;  } 
              if(isDividable == true && num !=0)
              {   result=num;
              break;  }
return result;  

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Challenge: Intermediate Algorithm Scripting - Smallest Common Multiple

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The code doesn’t look like it has any indentation. It is expected to indent the code neatly when asking for a code review (and include comments if needed to clarify)

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