Feedback on a Portfolio project

Hi everyone!
I would love to hear your feedback on the “Portfolio” page I made:

I am new to the web development, so feel free to point things to improve or implement differently.

I do have some issues:

  1. The navbar is not reacting the way I want, when the buttons are pressed the user is forwarded not to the intended part of the page, but a bit lower. I suppose I could fix it, using the padding/margin, but I tried different things and it didn’t work.

  2. In addition I wanted to implement a BootStrap carousel for the portfolio projects part, but couldn’t make it work. I think the problem is with the right files inclusion…

Thank you!

To understand whats going on with the navigation change your navbar-inverse class to transparent like: <nav class="navbar transparent navbar-fixed-top"> and then rerun the pen and press the navigation links.

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Pic of what it looks like on mobile below. I’m on iPhone 7. Maybe the one thing I would say about it is everything is too big. Text, margins etc.
Some resources aren’t loading.
Some things need better responsive spacing so look at how to do that with bootstrap.

For example on desktop you could have three items lined up horizontally like:

And on mobile it would change to be vertical like this:

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Thank you for the hint, I now understand the problem, but I still don’t know how to solve it…