Feedback on ly local weather project

Hello everyone, I have just finished (not really, i have to make it update automaticaly the date component) my local weath app. I would appreciate your comment and feedback. It won’t be probably responsive because i don’t look yet at that,

Thank you


Good Job!!

Few suggestions:

  1. The design can be improved here as the current design looks dated/old, unless the intention was to make it so.
  2. The location is not displayed here.
  3. There is no toggle button for fahrenheit/celsius conversion.


Hi Kush
thank you for you feedback!! I can probably more on the design and there is the location display and temperature conversion!




But i can’t see the location and there should be a button to convert the Fahrenheit to Celsius, currently in your app both are shown side by side. User Story was to create a button to toggle between them.



Hi @N0M9D
Quite interesting! Could you tell me which browser are you using? and if you are using a computer or IPad please ? Can I ask you to try a click on the temperature unit to see if there is any conversion ?

For the location you don’t have the “City-name” texte or the real name displayed on the on the pictures? If the call to the api failled, then normaly the default text should be City-name!!


Ok, the temp conversion is working now by clicking on the unit.
But for location it shows London which is not my location. My location is India. So I guess API call failed then ?
I am visiting the link via Firefox on my pc.

Hi bush
thanks for your remarks! Indeed i implement a static application, i mean i show only london weather and not the viewer location weather. I will correct that part.
Thank you