Feedback on my dungeon crawler game

Hey everyone, I’ve got a prototype of my roguelike dungeon crawler ready to show:

There are at least a few quirks remaining to iron out, not least of which is that you can keep moving around and interacting after you’re dead (though I might keep it that way and just change the sprite to a skeleton or something). Also I never finished the fog-of-war – got stumped and haven’t had time to come back to it.

I also didn’t make it at all friendly to small screens, which I’d like to remedy.

Looking for suggestions and feedback and all the usual stuff.


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I would like to see my max hp and the enemy ‘strength’ at the first approach.

These are just minor stuff tough, it’s really an incredible job to my eyes, congratulations!

I’m getting hooked, really good job!

Have you considered using canvas instead? I don’t know much about HTML game development, but I made a simple game for codevember, and I found HTMl very unperformant for what I was doing. I’ve been practicing with canvas lately. I’m just curious about your experience.

So far I’ve only created a functions for spawning enemies, making them wander around, and a collission detection.

Yay I won!

I would like to see a more clear distinctions in the action log, like between me, enemy, general items. That floating window at the top right is unnecessary, you already have the icons, I say just make it an entire row at the top ofthe window kinda like classic zelda. and maybe with the extra space at the top right, move action log to bottom right hugging the window. I found it difficult to see any enemies in the corners with the windows in the way.