Feedback on my tribute page 3/26/18

I just finished my tribute page and would like some feedback!

Another “here” link which is unaccessible (about the 50th this week)

it seems to work fine when i click it, what happens when you do?

Applied Accessibility: Give Links Meaning by Using Descriptive Link Text
Screen reader users have different options for what type of content their device reads. This includes skipping to (or over) landmark elements, jumping to the main content, or getting a page summary from the headings. Another option is to only hear the links available on a page.

Screen readers do this by reading the link text, or what’s between the anchor (a) tags. Having a list of “click here” or “read more” links isn’t helpful. Instead, you should use brief but descriptive text within the a tags to provide more meaning for these users.

I went through that exercise and it kind of made sense but i dont see how to apply it to my tribute page

You also had <body> tags inside <div>. In codepen you do not need to add these.

Thanks I appreciate it! I know my format is shitty looking too, just started lol

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