Feedback on my Tribute page?

Hi, I completed my tribute page and would love to get some comments and opinions. I really love how it looks in mobile. What do you think?

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I like this page very much, especially the way you “point” us to each area. Just a style note: the Awards drop-down may be unnecessary. Since the other arrows took me to other sites, I assumed that one did, too. I think it would look very nice to just have the awards list displayed over the baseball graphic, instead of having to click an arrow. That is a very small thing, though. I really do like the style overall. Great work!

Thanks for your feedback! The Awards drop down was more about playing with bootstrap-collopse than anything else. I had a huge problem with it in the first version that I spent at least two days trying to fix. In the end, it’s probably there just because it represented a victory to me, not because it adds anything meaningful.

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That sounds like an awesome reason to me. I’ll have to try it in a future project!