Feedback on Portfolio and Resume please (applying for jobs)

I will be applying for jobs any time soon.
I was hesitant about applying for jobs because I was pretty much ghosted and rejected from 70 different companies I have applied to just 3 months ago.
I felt very discouraged but decided to remake everything and learn more on React and Redux.
I need feedback on if there is anything I may need to fix or improve :slight_smile:

I really wanted to make the portfolio as simple as it can be but still looks clean and easy to navigate

****** Update *******
After applying what others have recommended, I have updated my revised portfolio and resume !!
Any feedback is very much appreciated! thank you

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to mention you’re self-taught even if you are.

If you have prior work experience, even if it’s not related, it would be worth mentioning the soft skills you gained there that would transfer over to a dev job. Otherwise they might wonder what you’ve been doing to earn a living all these years.


I was deciding whether if I should mention self taught or not, but you have cleared my doubts :slight_smile:
You also mentioned about putting prior work experience. Even if the work experience I have is not related to the dev job, should I mention it? Like I worked as an interpreter (Korean as you probably guessed) for a little and I mostly worked as a server

  • I’d recommend ditching the split-column layout, as it doesn’t scan well by ATS (Applicant Tracking System), which a lot of companies use. Stick to a single-column layout.
  • I assume you removed your contact info just for FCC? Because it’s not super-obvious. You should add your location on your resume in city, state format.
  • Unless you have absolutely no work experience at all, you have to add any work experience that you have. Otherwise, the assumptions that will be made about your lack of any posted work experience will just cause you to be rejected forever. It honestly doesn’t matter what work experience you have, just write it down.
  • I’d suggest leaving out technical details on your projects. Only another developer will really care to read about that, and in most cases, a recruiter or company HR rep will be the one reading your resume, not a developer.
  • Also if you’re going to post projects, they really need to have links to both a GitHub repo and a deployment (on AWS, Heroku, Netlify, etc). If you don’t have enough space to do both, then leave out GitHub links and just provide links to a deployment.
  • I’d recommend re-writing your project descriptions a bit. Keep in mind that a recruiter or HR rep will be the one reading your resume most of the time—so make the wording easy to understand for an average person, and leave out tech jargon unless it’s necessary. Put things into a “business” perspective—i.e., how would your project help address the needs of a business?
  • If any of your projects are actual finished, real-world projects that aren’t just prototypes or “proof of concepts”, then make that obvious. The more credence you can add to a project, the better.
  • You mention “with a designer” or “for a designer” a few times. If you worked with another person professionally, mention their name, and reference their website. Leaving that out subtracts from the credence of your resume, so definitely add that in.
  • If you’re going to say that you have “experience in collaborating with designers and developers”, then you need to legitimately back that up. Mention names and websites, whether of people or businesses. Otherwise someone reading your resume could easily get the wrong impression that you’re falsely inflating your experience, which will cause your resume to get rejected.

You’ve made this look like list of personal projects you’ve done whilst learning: it’s not really a resume, it’s doesn’t really tell me anything about you. If any of those are projects are real, separate them off and say what your role was: software is just a tool to do something, how did your skills help achieve that something?

Echoing that you need work experience. Server probably not important, translator very important. If any of those projects are real, then you have work history and it should say freelancing, and then you can state those projects are just the best ones you’ve done (ie you are just showing a selection of freelance work).

Also grammar/formatting mistakes: eg “a single page application collaborated with a designer” means the single page application itself was self-aware and was working with a designer.

Also probably don’t say you just learned HTML last year: how fast you learned FE web development is impressive, but there is no need for you to advertise that you only started learning last year. You may very well be good enough (the stuff you’ve done looks lovely, it’s super smooth and very attractive and puts you ahead of a helluva lot of other people), but it will work against you if you advertise you are so inexperienced. You look like you know what your doing, don’t undermine that


Thank you for pointing out the things I need to fix!
I think I missed out a lot of things…
I don’t understand how ATS filters out the resumes lol I tried searching how ATS works but they talk about how ATS looks for specific words. So I was wondering how split-column would effect ATS scan?? (I’m very curious…)

I can’t thank you enough
Taking your advice along with astv99 and LiChoi, I will be working on it =)
I know that experience as a server is not that important but I decided to mention it briefly
Thank you!

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Definitely recommend avoiding the split-column. I’ve heard ATSs will only read the first column. That means that your entire projects column where all the keywords are is getting missed. Go for a top to bottom presentation.

As well, I spent time using websites like, LinkedIn, and the company’s website to e-mail SOMEONE in the company directly. I did this for 30-40 applications, writing a cover letter for each (I had a general template and would swap our names, certain paragraphs/examples/topic sentences) and got hired within 1 month.

You should add links to your Github, LinkedIn, and personal portfolio website and make sure they reflect your resume. Keywords are…key. If you apply on Indeed, the resume may never even reach the hiring person if it doesn’t pass the resume scan.


Thank you for the feedback! That’s why it was mentioned to avoid split-column!
If you don’t mind, I don’t quite understand when you said

You should add links to your Github, LinkedIn, and personal portfolio website and make sure they reflect your resume. Keywords are…key. If you apply on Indeed, the resume may never even reach the hiring person if it doesn’t pass the resume scan.

Did you mean I need to add links to Github, Linkedin, portfolio website on resume? ( they were just removed because I didn’t want to share my number =P )
What did you mean by when I apply on Indeed, the resume may never even reach the HR?

Okay makes sense about the links.

As for not reaching HR, from what I’ve heard and read, if the resume doesn’t match whatever parameters set by the resume parser, then the hiring manager won’t actually end up reviewing it.

So, for example, if I send a resume with all keywords they’re looking for, and you send one without any of those keywords, they’ll (some human) review/see my resume but not yours.

That’s why I e-mailed someone directly my resume and cover letter, in addition to filling out and submitting their online application.

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Got it. So I should take time to try to find someone in the company to send email directly so that I can boost the possibility of getting my resume reviewed.
Awesome. Thank you!

New portfolio is legit, or maybe I didn’t see it the first time. Very effective use of animation.

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What do you think about the resume?? do you think I should correct anything?
And btw, thank you for your previous feedback!

Yes, especially as no one is ‘self-taught’ if they read books or did courses on or offline, as the authors and course tutors are your teachers/tutors.
If you read a book by a well-known coder, you could claim to have been taught by that person, as that person gave their knowledge to you in their book, and would probably have told you exactly the same thing face-to-face. Likewise, an online course does the same thing. Despite the teacher/tutor not being next to you, they did still teach you.

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Create, or have someone create, a portfolio website for all of the work you include in the hard copy portfolio. Include the link on your resume for employers to view before your interview. Bring copies of your original work for the interviewer to keep after the interview.