Feedback Please: Rougelike Dungeon Crawler with redux and Emojis

Im realy proud to present my version of this project!

Take more then 200 hours … But i learn a lot!
Using React-Redux, immutable, lodash and a lot of emojis as entities for the game !
Please take some time to analyze and give me feedbacks !

Looks cool. But after clicking “Start”, nothing happens and there is nothing to click on.

What platform are you using ? Maybe i have a issue with nom OS systems…

I’m viewing with Chrome.

Are you using Mac-Intel ? Windows or Linux ?

Mac-Intel running OS X 10.11.6. Safari has the same non-activity.

Chuck, can you help me to debug ? are you seen any message on the console ? I try with different machines and got no error.

Your game is full of crap (sorry, couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue: )

Works great on my end. Some niggles:

  • additional health pickups will start overlaying the weapon inventory.
  • the viewport won’t scroll sometimes. You can go behind the edge.

KKKK but i give you boots to protect your pedicure investment !! foresterr! kkkkkk Ok i will fix this issues! Thanks

I’m not seeing any errors in the console, which is strange. What is supposed to happen after clicking “Start”? What lines of code are activated after that event?

Also, I tried the Timeline and it recorded for 120-seconds before I stopped it, with no results. I’ve never debugged before, but it seems like React is not loading, even though it’s not showing any error.

I tried the CrossBrowserTesting view and it stopped at a function for e.requestAnimationFrame || e.webkitRequestAnimationFrame. But this seems to be associated with Angular, so I’m not sure if it is helpful. When I ran a full test of the page (for Mac OS X 10.11 and Chrome 52) on it timed out after 5-minutes with no results.

Foresterr, what OS and browser are you using?

im using Mac os same as you and Chrome. But test a lot after your post on all major browsers on Windows 10 and linux to. Strange because im not using angular on this project… Can you please help me ? trying to download this project to your local comp and run a test again ?
Regards !

I played your Emoji game recently. Was a lot of fun. Thank you for that :wink:

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