Feedback Please! Tribute Page

I’d like to get some feedback on my Tribute Page
I pulled text from Wikipedia and probably need to edit it down even more.

Looking forward to your feedback!

  1. I love how responsive it is. Good job with that :+1:
  2. This shade of purple may not be the best color choice. The R and o almost blends in with the grey in the background, making it harder on the eyes. The area where it’s hard to see as the screen size changes but regardless ~
  3. :clap: for using CSS grid. I haven’t seen too many people use it on their tribute page.
  4. Looking at your css file, I can tell you’ve had eperience doing this before…it shows! It looks great.
  5. There seems to be some extra code you decided on not using:
    <span>Clara Bow</span>
  6. The “return to top” on the bottom is nice but seeing it reminded me there wasn’t any navigation to get around your sections.

Overall great project! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.
You have mentioned some of the things the things that I was worried about. Thank you.
I’ve had some experience—learning on my own, etc.—but I don’t have a portfolio.
And I’ve never had the opportunity for real feedback. Thanks again! :smiley:

fantastic :clap:
I really like that a lot