...Feedback Project I am working on [Bot-chat]

It’s a bot you can talk to that shows graphs on the screen based on what you wrote, so far I’ve been working on improving the design a bit so I am unsure about the actual outcome, I’ll gladly hear your feedbacks even the silly ones.

You uploaded a picture instead of a link to your demo.

Yeah, for some reason I can’t seem to commit into a repository on GitHub while using Linux.

Weird. I’m using Debian and I can push to Github flawlessly from the terminal and from VSCode. Any errors shown or something?

La verdad no lo sé, supongo sera’ porque la otra vez estaba muy cansado. Entiendo que se hace sin problemas también en Linux Ubuntu.

Ah, alright! I thought you were seeing some errors or something. Anyways, would be great to see the code I stead of a screenshot :slight_smile:

No me acuerdo si salia algún error. De todas formas gracias.

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