Feedback: random-quote-machine

Hi guys!

Requesting your feedback for my random quote machine. This time, I just created the quotes via javascript and not using APIs.

Thanks in advance,

Congrats! It seems to work fine.

Since you are not using an API, how about challenging yourself a little more by making your quote machine not repeat a quote until all of the quotes have cycled through? Each quote would still need to be randomly selected, but could not repeat again until all the others have be shown once. Then, you could start a new cycle with the same logic. This way, you would never have the same quote repeated back-to-back (where someone might think something is broken in your app).

If that seems too challenging, then try to at least prevent the same quote from repeating back-to-back.

If you get stuck, we can help you out.

Thanks @RandellDawson! I just finished some minor updates on the UI of the page. And your suggestion is really challenging. I am currently on my way in learning API and your suggestion really pushes me to do it. Thank you very much and hopefully you will be able to provide another feedback once I implemented the API updates :slight_smile: