Feedback to an advanced project - The Freesound Explorer

Dear Campers!

I decided to jump right into development with an open-source project.
Know we reached a milestone and I’d really appreciate some feedback that I can include in my thesis.

Please have a look at the Freesound Explorer
Here ist the 3 minute survey
You will find the source code and manual inside the info-tab of the app.

I know, this is not exactly a FCC project, but I am still a FCC student, it’s just that I had to take a headstart to finish my masters thesis on point. Afterwards I’ll start my tribute page, promise ^^
Hope I do not break any rules here.

Best! noVaSon

@noVaSon as a musician and sound designer who has been using freesound for many years I was surprised to find your project here. As a student coder I am VERY IMPRESSED with your coding skills! I really enjoyed your site.

a suggestion:
move the ‘about’ section or add an explanation to the home page. When a new user comes to your site it’s not at all clear what they should do or why they should stay there. I think non-musicians would enjoy this too if they knew what it was and how to use it.

I’ve quickly browsed the tutorial (which I had to look for) but I’m still not clear on the purpose: If I have a freesound account can I download the samples I find here? Or is this just for the users to have some fun with the interface and 2D display.

This is really awesome and thank you for posting it here!!!

Hi Karl!

Thanks for your feedback!

There is an issue to ad a guided tutorial for first-time visitors, we just did not start this.
Maybe it’s time…

Indeed, if you are logged into freesound via the logo in the upper right, you can batch-download selected sounds as zip archive including csv metadata. You can still explore freesound without an account but saving sessions will also not work.

I thaught it was a great example if anybody plans to build a react + redux app or something with flask backend.
It’s not only my project, I just dropped into this half a year ago. And: yes, this really boosted my coding skills, because I had a strong motivation to build something useful.

I’d recommend any open-source contributions for learning!