Feedback - tribute page - KIZ

Hey guys,

i just finished my tribute page to the german hip-hop group KIZ.
I know there are still a few bugs in the code, like the pictures or the the centering of the iframe when scaling the browser window down.
I would really appreciate your feedback on the page and if you have some tips concerning the bugs please let me know (:

Project link:

Hey thegreatkoe,

I am also working on the tribute page assignment. I really like yours and it has given me inspiration for mine. Thanks for that! What I like on your page is that you divided the page into 3 sections that are filling the screen. Looks very nice. The colours of the fonts and margins match the colours in the pictures, it makes the page pleasant to look at.
I think the embedded youtubevideo would look better with a border, or maybe with a box around it. Because the way it is now the transition is very abrupt.
I hope my page will look as cool ass yours in the end:)

Thanks for that tip (:

Hey Odin,

thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it. Maybe i am going to add a border or something to the video (;
I have to admit that i myself got the inspiration for my page from another tribute-page. (I am really bad at designing^^)
Here is the page that inspired me.
Maybe you want to take a look at it, in my opinion it is far superior to mine and let me know when you have finished your page so i can take a look on it :slight_smile:

here is mine:

I think I am going to add a beam at the top for the header, i think that would look better.
Let me know what you think:)


sry for my late reply! Had lots of stuff to do for work -.-
I think the design of your page (with the time line on the right side) is really nice but you got some problem with the videos when scaling the browser window down. Maybe because you gave them an absolute height and width? (you could try something relative either with percentage or viewport statements)