Feedback wanted on the app for practicing prompting for coders

I am working on my pet project Prompt Forge available in the App Store.
It teaches writing effective prompts and solving coding challenges on Python and Go with AI.
What do you think about this idea? I would appreciate the feedback on the app before I’ll keep working on it.


Hi Yana, great work–I played with your app for about fifteen minutes.

I spent a lot of time on Python problem 1, and actually didn’t complete it successfully.

What I did was copy the question and paste it into the prompt, but deleted a few words so it was phrased like “Write a function f that…”.

I then added “return only code,” and "The code should have no comments. "

It was very difficult to get the model to return code without ```python at the beginning, which resulted in a parsing error.

I would recommend writing code that could parse the model’s output for the specific function that it returns, because it can be very difficult to get the model to return pure code, with no comments of any form.

When I got it to once return code with no comments whatsoever, the function ran successfully, but it returned a list that was out of order, even though the problem didn’t specify an order.

My recommendations:

  1. Have examples/tutorials readily available–make it clear that you’re entering prompts, not actual code (as coders are trained to expect).
  2. Parse out the model’s returned values for the actual function it returns. Do the inconvenient work for the user.
  3. Make sure the coding questions are phrased correctly so that the code is tested on only what the problem is asking. (If results should be returned in a specific order, mention in the problem.)

I think it’s a really fun idea, and I found it kind of addicting! Good work!