Feeling frustrated & lost at the moment

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I’m kinda feeling lost and upset at the moment. Don’t know what to do next. I have finished the course- JSON APIs and now need to complete the Build a Random Quote Machine challenge. however, I have no idea where to start. I think I’m fine with most of the HTML & CSS part, it’s the JS part that confuses me most. Although I’ve finished JS bit but I cannot write a single line of JS. What can I do to fill the gap to move forward?

Thanks for your help!

Go through these two courses, and you’ll be much better off. I was in the same situation, and they helped me a ton:

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That happens a lot. Especially when you are working on codepen, it can be a little more frustrating to get Javascript working. But if you don’t have your own setup then codepen is a way to go. Or jsbin.

Either way, javascript is merely a language. So, first dont focus on JS at all. Just build your static version of the Machine…Pure CSS and HTML. you will then have a clear picture on where you will have your inputs and buttons.

Once you have your static content ready, you can start by adding small JS. Here is where having a console really pays of, because the fastest way to get some response from your js code will be console logs aka console.log.

Start simple. Ask yourself what would like to achieve first? Lets start by first question:

How can I control my button? Yeap, that would be your first question. So you need to write some small test where you test if you can control and access your button via JS.

So, once you have a clear question you can either go to docs or to google for help. To understand how to implement your question.

Once you finish up your question you go to the next one. And the next one…Keep in mind that you should keep your questions fairly smalll, so that you don’t have to do a lot at once;)

Courses are fine, but you will have to get pass the fact that you are gonna have to write your own piece of code, which will be working for the business logic (your questions) you created.

Good luck and remember that everyone been there;) Its a constant learning. So, dont you dare to give up:) Put on some nice music and start coding:)

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